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About Beaver Creek LLC

Beaver Creek LLC is a 100% Certified TAT Contractor working within the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. Beaver Creek started with just a few employees in 2008, and thanks to the help and support from TERO paving the way for Indian Contractors, now employs over 50 full time employees. Beaver Creek was recognized for its dedication to TERO compliance by the TERO director, Charles Foote.

We have created a great employee atmosphere and we are constantly working to make an employee living experience that exceeds all expectations, offering several housing options onsite.

Meet the Beaver Creek Team

Dale & Susie Little Soldier


Dale Little Soldier, the founder, and CEO, started the company with the hope of helping people that have the desire to work succeed in a worthwhile career.  Dale Little Soldier has dedicated his career to helping Native Americans gain an education and develop employable skills.  Dale has held various positions in education his entire life, including First Director of the United Tribes Employment Training Center in Bismarck, North Dakota, and School Superintendent of the White Shield School.  Education has always been a priority on Fort Berthold, and this focus helped push Dale to pursue his education, receiving his Bachelors of Science at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana as well as a Master’s Degree at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.

Susie Little Soldier spent her entire career in the banking industry with Wells Fargo prior to joining Beaver Creek full time in 2013. Her business acumen and conservative fiscal approach has enabled Beaver Creek to succeed during the ups and downs of the oil industry.

Barrett Withers


Barrett joined Beaver Creek in 2012 as the Controller and was promoted to Vice President of Operations in 2013.  His diversified experience in home building, manufacturing, heavy construction, and trucking has been pivotal to our sustainable growth.  He received his bachelor’s degree in business management from Brigham Young University-Idaho in 2005.


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Clay Tew


In 2010 Dale Little Soldier convinced Clay to trade-in his Montana Ranch for the oil fields of North Dakota.  Clay started hauling production water in the middle of one of the worst North Dakota winters, and a few short months later, Clay was promoted to fleet supervisor over our water fleet.  After a few years of driving, dispatching, and supervising our water fleet, Clay was once again promoted to the operations manager over production and fluid service work.  His extensive 30 years’ experience in the trucking industry has been vital to our success.


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Peter Pedersen


Rough winters seem to bring out the best of some people, and that was the case with Peter Pedersen. In December 2013, Pete came out to visit Beaver Creek to advise us on how to keep our trucks running as the wind chill hit -55°F. Since that day, Pete has been instrumental in developing our well renowned maintenance program, designing and building our New Town facility, and developing a large outside customer base. Pete’s diversified background from tanker ships to mining operations brings a level of safety experience few operations have.


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Slade Heeb


As our growth continues, Beaver Creek is always looking for talented people to add to the organization. Slade was originally hired to oversee our crude oil flowbacks, and was given a part time job in managing a few water flowbacks as well. In just a few short months Slade transformed our water flowback division into one of our largest divisions. His military background and oilfield experience continues to provide the structure and balance needed to succeed at any challenge.


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Matt Clark


Matt has spent most of the last decade working with transportation carriers throughout the United States. In 2012, he left his beloved Alaska to assist a transporter in need and has not looked back. At Beaver Creek, he is excited to be working on the operations side as he has previously spent much of his career in safety and compliance. Although Matt may look young with his ball cap, he has officially become a grandfather. Congrats Matt!!!


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